Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be My Valentine

I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day.  I never have been.  To me, it's always felt like a day of obligation.  I prefer flowers from my love on a random day or a treat he picked up on the way home from work to remind me "how sweet our love is" (go ahead, say it together....awwww!)

That being said, there is one event that takes place in Lincoln that I have been looking forward to since it ended last year.  That event is Love On The Run

Love On The Run is put on by Porridge Papers, a local papermill and letterpress studio in Lincoln, NE.  They have amazing work.  I keep trying to think of an event that would justify me spending the money to get some custom letterpress invitations.  But...the great thing about Love On The Run's free! 

It's pretty amazing what they do.  They have a few old, vintage typewriters set up with lots of cute pink paper.  Plenty of help is available to teach you how to use the typewriter.  Then you can type up as many messages as you desire! (EDIT: Attendance is so large that you are now limited to one note per person....make it count!)  Once your message is typed up it is placed inside a little bottle (at least that's what they have done in years past) and you tell them where you would like the message to be delivered.  On February 14 tons of little love notes will be delivered all over Lincoln!  Think of how surprised your girlfriend, husband or co-worker will be to receive a sweet little note typed with a vintage typewriter and delivered to their workplace or their home!

In the past I have written notes for my husband.  We don't like to spend money for Valentine's Day, so this is a cute way to show him that I'm thinking of him without spending a dime.  Two years ago I decided to write a note for a co-worker whose husband was going to be gone for Valentine's Day.  I wanted her to know she was loved!  My mistake was in not marking the notes BEFORE I placed them in their bottles.  The result was that she ended up with the note that I wrote for my husband. I was mortified, mostly because I had put some pretty steamy stuff in my husband's note.  When she received it she thought it was sort of strange but assumed I was trying to do a Song of Solomon thing and wrote her a love note from God.  I called to explain that the notes had been mixed up and she couldn't stop laughing.  I was relieved she found such humor in the situation.

Anyways, if you think Valentine's Day is super cheesy or you are the type of person that loves to get extravagant gifts, go to Porridge Papers and bring some ideas for your love notes!

Just be sure to mark your notes so that you can distinguish a note for your friend from a note for your beloved ;)


  1. I love that idea! Too bad they won't deliver to Wichita.

  2. So could i really send a letter back in the Palo days to a really brutal raptor?

  3. Hi Miriam!

    I love that idea! My girls would love it too. Handmade valentines, especially on vintage paper, are most delightful (and romantic : ) ). Now if only I had access to an old typewriter here in Indiana...

  4. awesome idea! thanks for sharing! and that's really funny!! i'd love to see what you wrote ;)