Saturday, January 8, 2011

Poetry Saturdays

I was inspired today by a podcast by Scott Cairns. He is a teacher and a writer. His poetry really strikes a chord with me. He introduced another poet, Liliana Ursu, who had some great stuff as well. Anyway, all that to say, I need to write more. So I'm proposing one poem every Saturday until I get tired of doing it or the year ends, or both! Ha! Speaking of getting tired. I think it's time to go get some rest.

Poem #1: A Poem for January 8th

Our aches and pains will help us kneel
In the place where love will meet
With broken hearts unmended
Gaping wounds unattended

Like old, ugly Christmas sweaters
With holes worn through by mice

I felt the ice
Creeping in
Through the throbbing in my head

I wintered on this couch
Half asleep all day,
Woke to find the sun was out
But had no words to say

I long for purity
But purity
Does not fit well on me

And I have smelled Your smoke,
From the fire lit in me

It burns, though cinders fizzle out
So easily these days

To desire one thing,
To want Thee, only Thee
Not the answer to the question
Not the cure for all the pain
But, O Thou art elusive like the clouds after the rain

ps. Another part of this poetry Saturday thing--just to keep it interesting--is that I will be featuring pictures taken by my 3-year-old daughter. The one in this post is a fave!

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  1. I like Z's photo. It and the poem are both very good. :D