Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Daily Bread

As part of our attempt to eliminate processed foods from our home, we are going to start baking our own bread.  We did this for awhile, before Lu was born.  But convenience foods are, well, convenient.  And after a baby is born it's all about convenience.  
Anyways, Joe has been cutting a lot of things from his diet due to his adrenal fatigue.  Sugar and gluten are on that list and those are in pretty much all store-bought breads.  Also, we go through A LOT of bread in this house.  We are trying to find ways to save money and this could help!  
So, what are your favorite bread recipes?  We are looking for low or no sugar and whole wheat bread.  Also, if you have any gluten-free bread recipes we would love to try one!


  1. miriam i just started making bread with my kitchen aid, and have a nutrimill grain grinder! if you ever want to share it we can work something out...obviously i'm using wheat berries for flour and that's not GF, but i've heard that organic fresh-ground wheat berries can sometimes be tolerated better. also i'll put my favorite bread recipe on the blog sometime!

  2. Hey Miriam! I LOVE this recipe and its fast/easy

  3. @Charlene: I would LOVE that.

    @Camille: Hey! I haven't tried that recipe but I really want to now. Also, the lady that writes that blog is a friend of mine! Small world!

  4. I'm glad you posted this, because I'm trying to start a gluten free diet as well and can totally benefit from these recipes! Yay!

  5. Mirms! Do you ever browse the Gluten Free Girl site? ( She always posts yummy recipes.

  6. @ Brooke: Awesome!

    @ Kelly B: I just checked out her looks like we'll be getting some good recipes from there! Thanks!