Saturday, February 12, 2011


Last week Joe and I went on a date.  It had been almost 2 months since we had an out-of-the-house-get-a-babysitter date.  Seriously.  This date was very, very needed. 

It was wonderful, relaxing and brought us closer together...all of the things a date should be.  I didn't worry about the girls, they were both with their Abita (Z's nickname for my mom, short for Abuelita).  Lu still doesn't take a bottle very well but she was a good little girl and slept all the way until 5 am!  Which was nice since we ended up staying out pretty late. 

Anyways....we went to one of our favorite places in Lincoln, Bread & Cup.  The menu changes on the weekends and they never disappoint (except when they run out something that looks delicious!)  I ordered a glass of the house chardonnay, which was sweet and crisp and ended up being a perfect accompaniment to my meal. We started off with a camembert plate, which was bread, camembert, apple slices and honey.  Flavor explosion!  I would have never thought of combining all of those flavors, but it was amazing.  Definitely something we will try to recreate for our at-home date nights.  For our entrees Joe ordered a three sausage plate and I ordered the stuffed pork.  Both entrees were beautiful and delicious, I wish I had taken pictures of them before they were devoured :)

We ended the evening by breaking Joe's no-sugar rule and split a slice of carrot cake.  I enjoyed mine with a little decaf french press coffee. Great food and wonderful company, such a lovely date night! 


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