Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crawl your little heart out

You are almost 6 months old.  You have begun to army crawl all over the place.  Whenever you see open spaces you kick your legs and beg with every bone in your body to be placed on the floor so you can move.  You watch your sister's every move and I can see the longing in your eyes to do what she does.  Walk like her, talk like her, dance like her.  There is such determination in your crawl.  A focus that is beyond your age.

As I watch you watch your older sister, I imagine all the trouble you will get into together.  I imagine you arguing with us about how it's not fair that you sister can wear makeup (or drive or stay up late) and you can't.   This may be a far leap from crawling....but it's coming.

Oh, is it coming.

For now, I will delight in your newly discovered ability to move yourself from one side of the room to the other.  I'll worry about tomorrow later.


  1. ok, i can't believe i haven't met her yet. that needs to change ASAP!

  2. Lucia is 6 months old? How did this happen? I need to spend more time with you and your family. I miss you!