Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The do's & don'ts of sick days

Both of the girls have come down with some snotty, slimy, coughy sickness at the same time.  Poor things.  So far Joe & I haven't caught it.  I'm discovering what works on days like this...days when I end up wearing the same clothes I wore the day before, where both girls are extremely needy (and rightfully so!) and where I am feeling stretched to my limits.

 Do have a steady supply of liquids available at all times.  For Lu this means that she has an all access pass to my breast (not that I ever deny her!).  Z gets OJ, tea and water.  She requested raspberry tea today and we also have chamomile.  I put honey and a squirt of lemon in her tea to help her itchy throat.

Do read as often as possible.  This satisfies and comforts both of my girls.  Z gets extra snuggles, which she needs more when she is sick.  Lu gets to look at pictures and laugh at the silly voices I make up for the characters.

Don't let my daughters watch T.V.  I know this is a standard for most people's sick days.  However, we have decided not to let Lu watch anything until she is at least 2 years old.  For Z, T.V. is just too stimulating.  It doesn't allow her to get the rest that she needs and it makes her very cranky and irritable.

Do rely on audio books when my voice gets too sore from all the extra books I'm reading aloud.  We like to listen online here and here.   Also, I will let Z watch a few readings from here (Sidenote...Mrs. P is really funny!  I think Joe and I enjoy her more than Z!)

Don't worry about the breakfast dishes that are still on the table at 3 in the afternoon or the toys that are scattered all over the floor.

Don't deny any requests for food.  Z has pretty much lost her appetite right now.  So when she does ask for food, even if it's not a regular meal or snack time, I give it to her.  Whatever she wants.  Thankfully we don't keep too much junk food in the house, so that's not an option for her.  Today it's been pretty much applesauce and toast.  
 Do wear my baby as much as possible.  This is a necessity for Lu who refuses to nap longer than 30 minutes anywhere other than my arms.  It also allows me to meet Z's needs while still comforting my sniffly 6 month old.

Don't forget to eat and drink plenty of fluids myself.  This is especially important with all of Lu's extra feedings.

Don't hesitate to let Z sit in the tub and play for as long as she desires, even when her toes are wrinkled past the point of recognition. 

Do have a lot of quiet activities to occupy Z.  She is the type of girl that doesn't enjoy just laying around, even if she's sick.  We do lots of coloring, lots of puzzles, lots of sticker books.  

Do use those extra feedings to relax.  Instead of thinking to myself "Oh my word...you just ate 15 minutes ago!" I put up my feet and leave Z with an audio story while I read and let my little one nurse away.

What about you?  What are your sick day activities?


  1. hope your girlies start feeling better soon!!! drink lots of emergen-c!

    ps -- speaking of babywearing, i can't wait to have my little babe snuggled up to my chest!!

  2. thanks Charlie! emergen-c...i knew i should have asked joe to get that at the store!

    and you will love babywearing :)

  3. Hey Miriam! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for your girls! What is the best way to get ahold of you now? I want to come to lincoln on the Wednesday or Friday of next week, and I would love to see you and Kim and Keely and all the kids! Let me know!

  4. Thanks Brooke...we all came down with something except for Joe who seems to have super immunities! Do you have my email address? I'm going see if I have yours and email you!

  5. This will not be the last time I say this I'm sure, but Lu is super gorgeous.

  6. Also, I wish that one of your don'ts was "Don't worry about the library books!" I say that in every day conversation many times a week.